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Warwickshire League Divisions for Walmley 2020

With the shortened season, teams will be playing in subdivisions against local teams. We are running 5 teams on Saturdays this year. They will be playing in the following divisions. For more information, see the Warwickshire County Cricket League site. Last season’s division is in brackets.

1st XI – Premier West

Attock 1sts  (Premier)
Moseley Ashfield 1sts (Div 1)
Solihull Municipal 1sts (Premier)
Streetly 1sts (Premier)
Sutton Coldfield 1sts (Premier)
Walmley 1sts (Premier)

2nd XI – Birmingham Group A

Aston Manor 1sts (Div 1)
Four Oaks Saints 1sts (Div 1)
Handsworth 1sts (Premier)
Harborne 2nds (Div 3)
Kings Heath 1sts (Div 1)
Walmley 2nds (Div 3)

Walmley 3rds – North West Group C

Bridge Trust OB 1sts (Div 7)
Four Oaks Saints 2nds  (Div 7)
Streetly 2nds (Div 5)
Sutton Coldfield 2nds (Div 5)
Walmley 3rds (Div 6)
Wishaw 2nds (Div 8)

Walmley 4ths – North Warks Group E

Bridge Trust OB 2nds (Div 10 West)
Castle Brom 2nds (Div 12 East)
Four Oaks Saints 3rds (Div 10 West)
Sutton Coldfield 3rds (Div 12 West)
Water Orton 3rds (Div 13 West)
Walmley 4ths (Div 11 West)

Walmley 5ths – North West Group E

Aston Unity 3rds (Div 13 West)
Four Oaks Saints 4ths (Div 12 West)
Nether Whitacre 3rds (Div 13 West)
Streetly 3rds (Div 12 West)
Sutton Coldfield 4ths (Div 13 West)
Walmley 5ths (Div 13 West)

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