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When a Dream Becomes Reality…

Team Colron U7s Blues
Opposition West Brom Minis
When Noon 10th November 2019
Where Grace Academy Pitch 1
Colron Team Zac R, Zak A, Cohen, Fisayo, Jacob, Tyler, Ollie, Kyrie, Connor, Jacob and Jake
Coaches Richard & Andy

Game Summary

Colron Blues arrive at Grace Academy on this chilly Sunday morning a full squad in their new tracksuits sponsored by Specs Online. Very smart boys.

Let the game commence and a request from Connor for Vanessa not to shout him from the sideline please.

First Half

Starting team is Fisayo in goal, Jake, Kyrie, Connor and Tyler – No captain this week due to a full squad.

The game starts with a kick from Connor, then an interception from the opposition who had a minute of confusion as they travelled towards their own goal before Tyler returned possession for Colron.

Tyler took the ball on a run and passed to Connor who was faced with a 4 player wall.

Jake then retrieved the ball again faced with a wall of the opposite team, he stayed his calm and collective self and cleared the ball to reduce the pressure.

Colron had a few moments where they bunched up a little and forgot to hold their positions with a few reminders from Richard and Andy, Colron returned to their positions and were back in the game with much of the ball being theirs for the taking.

Fisayo was awarded a goal kick and he made it count as he took a short ball to Jake, Jake controlled it well and passed to Kyrie who took a short run passing to Tyler as the pressure is applied by Colron. A good defence by the opposition and the ball is forced out of play.

The ball is heading towards Fisayo this time but the goalkeeper is not tested this time as the ball is out wide for a goal kick. A goal kick sees a pass from Fiasyo to Jake to Connor and out wide. As the ball re-enters the field Connor intercepts making a short run, passing to Tyler who powers through the field with skill and determination before taking a shot which is saved by an impressive goalkeeper.

Kyrie takes a throw in which is intercepted by the opposition, Kyrie is not fazed and battles for the return of the ball forcing the player into their half. Tyler supports his player and tackles with strength to receive the ball back and off he goes for a good run unfortunately he is blocked again.
The game continues for a battle for the ball in midfield where neither team will give up, Kyrie makes the win and a quick turn sees Colron in ownership again. Kyrie makes a run and is forced out by the defence.

The ball is back in our half and a clearance from the reliable Jake. The pressure is getting a little intense now and Kyrie steps up to the mark and makes a clearance during a very nervous moment.

Kyrie’s clear makes it to Tyler’s feet who steps up the pace and off he goes down the wing unfortunately he is forced out wide.

The ball is back in our half and Jake looks up, makes a move clearing the ball, but it is soon back in our half. Jake makes a quick turn and run to clear the ball completely this time. Jake you read the game so well.

Tyler takes on the game again and a good run, unfortunately today the goals are not going in.

Then a new plan is executed in regards to corners, West Brom minis are quick to mark all the players in the area and are not aware of Jake who is calmly waiting at the half way line for the ball to be played to him for him to stop, look up and shoot. Great move Jake, hopefully the next one will go in.

Kyrie gets a free kick from a nasty tackle. (There were many of these that went unnoticed.) Jake tries to blast it towards goal but the ground is slippery and he loses his footing.

Fisayo gets a goal kick which he kicks into the other half and off Connor goes, a shot on target but a save is made. Their goalkeeper is good.

Jake and Tyler take on a battle to intercept the ball from well executed tackles. Then the half time whistle is blown.

Second Half

The second half sees a whole new team. Zac R, Cohen, Zak A, Jacob and Ollie in goal.

Zac R takes on a new role in defence and is struggling at first to stand still and read the game, he is jumping up and down like a jack in the box, however he is soon in the game and has to take on a player, he forces them out to Cohen who does what he is amazing at and wins the ball from a sharp tackle.

Cohen forces the ball to Zak A who takes on a good run and a shot but wide. The ball is kicked back into play and Cohen is there again to intercept and as he turns to pass the ball he is tackled unfairly and is rewarded with a free kick.

Zac R steps forward to take the free kick from the halfway line and today is the day that Zac’s dream became a reality. He stands tall, looks at goal, and with one blast of the ball, it is in the top corner, the parents go wild, what a goal Zac!!!

Colron compose themselves and off Zak A goes to take on some very large players to intercept the ball and he is off again powering through towards goal. Their defence stop him this time.

Zak A takes a long throw in to reach Zac R, who controls the ball, looks at goal and with a gasp from the side line is a mm wide.

Zac R takes a throw in to Zak A who tries hard but no luck against many players.

Zac A then gets a great through ball and he is off racing down the field. The opposition are not happy about this and they send Zak A flying through the air with a huge push. Typically, not seen by the referee.

Zac R is now moved to midfield and Jacob in defence. Jacob intercepts the ball to hold the play in Colron’s half, good defending.

Cohen completes a well-executed corner to Zac R who passes to Zak A to battle through towards goal. The team have stepped up their defence so not much was getting through now.

The whistle is blown, and all players should be proud of their contribution to today’s game. Well done on your win!

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